Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I heard on the radio that its a good idea to register your name's domain name (marccharette.com in my case). And so I did it! Then I realized I didn't know where to point it to, so what better place than the blog I never post on! Huzzah!

As a token of appreciation for reading my blog, here is an interesting picture

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Working again

Out of request by my mother and grandmother, I am posting in here to inform my tens of readers (I know, I'm optimistic) that I am in fact employed and have been since December. Honestly, its a much better job than my previous one. My employers respect me and have the time to show me things that I don't already know how to do, which is a nice change. Also I have co-workers that aren't my supervisor which makes things not so stressful when you need help. Its nice to ask your supervisor a question and have him do everything he can to help you, instead of saying "You should know that already" or "I don't have time for that". I'm glad to be out of my last job for sure. I am thankful to them for giving me my first full time job out of school, but I've never been so unhappy working somewhere before. Thank God things worked out the way they did :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

So life goes on

Well unfortunately I am unemployed again. Seems they just didn't have enough work for me at my job... I guess that's just the way it goes with really small businesses. When things get slow they don't have a lot of room to recover. I enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot of new skills there. The important thing is to stay positive and look to the future. I'm still finishing off a website for my previous employer on contract (well... a verbal contract anyway).

So related to that, if anyone has an leads on jobs in the Computer Technology area, please let me know! :)

I've also gone back to my old part time job at the mall to help offset costs a bit. It doesn't come close to paying all the bills I have but its better than nothing and I am very grateful to my boss for letting me come back on such short notice.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I have officially joined the working world! (I don't consider part time jobs to really be the working world). I accepted a job offer for a local computer service store. I'll be working on fixing computers, setting them up, networks, and such for individuals and small businesses. Its not completely what my college program was for but its something I know I'll like to do none the less :)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to sch..... nothing?

Its a weird feeling seeing people getting ready for back to school when, for the first time that I can remember, I will not be going back to school on the first Tuesday of September. It's kinda nice knowing I don't have to go back to tests and textbooks but its also a little freaky still not knowing what I'm going to be doing 5 months from now.

I had my second interview since I graduated, the first being a total bomb. I have another interview tomorrow (just for a seasonal position though). Two more possible opportunities popped up today through people I know so things are starting to look up after 2 weeks of absolutely nothing :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The last day

Tomorrow is our last day here and what an experience this has been. I will take back more than just memories and pictures. I'll take a less wasteful attitude for sure since people here never waste anything and its something North America really needs to survive. I'll also take back a better relationship with Leanne since we've spent every moment with eachother for the past six weeks. You really get to know almost everything about a person when you see them all day and can't just go home if you feel bad. And I love her more every day I spend with her :)

We went to the zoo today and I took so many pictures so here's one I thought was cool. I forget what these things are called but there was one in the movie The Lion King.

See you all back home!

Monday, August 07, 2006

I like ducks

So i've heard some pretty crazy news back home lately about my sister's plane getting messed up and losing her luggage and my cousin's car getting pelted by rocks from some stupid kids, but I fortunetly it looks like everything is working out alright and everyone is safe so that's really good!

We've been travelling around the area here the past few days and I've seen some pretty cool and crazy things. We were staying at Norbert's cousin's house a couple days ago and and couple weeks ago they had a huge hail storm which was much bigger than the one I was in. They had hail almost as big as baseballs! There was cracked windshields and roofs destroyed all over the place. Every second house has a tarp over it to keep out the weather.

We also went to the Black Forest which is where my aunt lived for a while. Here's a picture from a nice church we went to there:

We had to give up our nice car a few days ago because you can only rent one for 30 days and the one we have now isn't that great but that's alright because we're only here for a few more days anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back home soon. I miss you all and I'll have lots to show you!